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Our First House Meeting

One of the best ways for a candidate to get their message to people and fundraise is in small groups at a house meeting. Your host will ask a few friends to attend a gathering at their home, provide refreshments, and invite the candidate. This is a great way to talk to the candidate and ask questions about their policy ideas and their stances on the issues. It is also appreciated if attendees contribute a small (or large!) amount to the candidate's campaign as these events are vital but take up campaign time and resources.

Recently, Dan Pastore's (for PA Congressional District 16) team and I met with voters at a supporter's lovely home. It was a beautiful day for a gathering on the patio. Unfortunately, Dan, himself couldn't make it, but two of his team members came in his place.

I was introduced by Crawford County's Democratic Chair, Lindsey Scott. I spoke about my reasons for running and my past as a young mom, new to the district. Voters had concerns about accessibility to their representative, EMS staffing, and the economy. Dan's team spoke about Dan's commitment to our area and his experience serving people, along with the dangers of voting for his opponent.

If you'd like to host a house meeting of your own, please go to my events page and sign up today! I or my team will reach out shortly after to get details and schedule the event.

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