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Did You Catch It?

Last night's Candidate Forum.

Keith Gushard of Meadville Tribune explains the rules of the forum to the candidates as Rick Green looks on.

Photo Credit: Mike Crowley We each gave an opening statement and then we were both asked questions, alternating who answered first. The public had a chance to submit questions and learn how the candidates felt about the issues that were most important to them and what our plans were when one of us is elected. After the round of questions, we each gave a closing statement. Yes, I wore pink. It was my subtle shout-out to all the women and families who would be affected by restrictive reproductive rights laws. Of course, with the recent overturning of Roe, we knew that would be on the table. I did bring attention to my opponent's 2021 co-sponsored bill HB 2021 which states:

"Establishes a healthcare facility that possesses fetal remains has the following duties (Sec. 3.b):

  • Provide for the final disposition of the fetal remains in accordance with burial and transit permit requirements; or

  • Cremate or inter the fetal remains."


"Establishes a person who violates the provisions of this act will be subject to the penalties imposed under Article IX of the act of June 29, 1953, known as the Vital Statistics Law of 1953 (Sec. 4)."

It's pretty clear that this means fetal remains, including those of abortion, must be buried or cremated as an already born child's body would be, and anyone who violates this will be subject to penalties. My opponent stated that my comments on this were false.

We were asked if we would ever vote outside of party lines if we were to find it in the best interest of our District. Of course, I answered yes. This has been a major focus of my campaign. I realize the district is mostly made up of people who are registered for the other party, and I'm an independent thinker. I have always committed to listening to those who don't agree with me and those who are most affected by any specific vote. Overall, though my anxiety was on display, I pushed through and am pleased with my portion of the evening's events.

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