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Demstock 2022

For several years, rural Democrats in Western PA have gathered together for an event like no other. This year I had the pleasure of attending and hosting the afterparty. Here are some of the highlights.

My table in the vendor barn

My husband and I hanging out

My daughter and my favorite volunteer

Wegner's Crudite

Meeting Kacey's Mom

Meeting Kacey Miller himself!

Chloe the Donkey

Maya the Donkey

Meeting Malcolm Kenyatta

Denise Maris, Nerissa Galt, Malcolm Kenyatta, Rianna Czech

My husband meeting John Fetterman

Senator Sharif Street endorsing the I.mPossible Coalition

Senator Bob Casey and John Fetterman learning about the I.mPossible Coalition

Meadow and Chandler posing with Austin Davis

I met so many amazing people, learned so much, and heard some of the most inspiring stories. If you're politically minded and get the chance, I definitely recommend going to Demstock!

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