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Come Together

This has been a cornerstone of my campaign since the beginning: the idea that we are so divided right now and we need to learn to work together again. I don't think we all need to hold hands and sit around a fire while some young, bearded fellow with a ponytail and sandals sings Kumbaya with an acoustic guitar so we can all talk about our feelings. BUT, there is so much division that not a lot seems to be getting done, except for a lot of arguing.

I strongly believe that we have more in common than we don't, that we all have similar goals but might have different paths to accomplishing them. Sure, there are issues that we can't agree on, some of them very serious issues, but while we are busy putting so much energy into minding everyone's business but our own, we could be working toward real systemic changes at the state level. We could be changing tax plans to make them fairer, changing campaign finance laws to create more transparency and fairness during election cycles, revitalizing the economy and boosting up small businesses and attracting more industry to Pennsylvania to create jobs, making healthcare more affordable including life-sustaining prescription drugs, or ensuring our education systems are appropriately funded no matter what municipality we may live in. Let's get back to reaching across the aisle on issues that the majority of people are moderate on. Let's get back to civil discourse and respect for one another. Let's get back to recognizing our differences, but instead of ignoring them or hating them, we are celebrating them.

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